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Report: Apple may use a separate GPU to drive new 5K Thunderbolt Displays

0_o Holy cow, that’s a lot of pixels. Who else would be ready to trade in the old gear for two shiny new 5k displays? from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison

Boot Camp support comes to aftermarket SSDs for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

Good news everyone! Boot Camp updates allow Windows installs on aftermarket SSD’s! Call, email, or message for a quote to ditch your slow HDD and get a slick new SSD + Windows 10 and get fast boots, fast loads, and the best of both Mac and PC worlds. from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison…

Apple Music reportedly getting redesigned, will be unveiled at WWDC 2016

Have you tried Music yet? The staff here at Graphite are in love with it! Sound off in the comments… from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison

Philips releases Hue ‘Gen 2’ app with Routines, Rooms & other improvements

Phillips has released a new version of their control app for the Hue lighting system. New features include routines and room specific controls, as well as voice control keywords. It can even shut off the lights for you when you leave the house automatically! Stop by Graphite today to demo Philips hue! from Graphite –…

OWC’s Aura SSDs are a good way to add storage to newer MacBooks, with caveats

Retina Macbook and Macbook Air owners rejoyce! Want more storage in your new MacBook or late-model macbook air? We can do it! Stop in or call for prices and availability! from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison

Report: Siri for Mac will be one of OS X 10.12s major new features

Everyone’s favorite robot personal assistant is headed for desks, tables, counters and laps around the world! Are you ready for your Mac to answer questions and refuse to participate in knock-knock jokes? In all seriousness, this could easily open some of your Mac’s lesser-known features to everyday use. So tell us, how do you like…

What ‘MacKeeper’ is and why you should avoid it

What “Mac Keeper” is and why you should avoid it pharmacie viagra pfizer. An excellent article on how to keep your Mac safe! from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison

What ‘MacKeeper’ is and why you should avoid it

MacKeeper: Not Even Once. It seems like a great idea; their promises sound amazing. Like many things, however, it’s too good to be true. iMore provides a comprehensive writeup on why MacKeeper is better keeping to itself. from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison

GRAPHITE EXCLUSIVE! The KwikCharger Magnus Lightning cable! Everything you love about Apple’s MagSafe charger, now for your iPhone or iPod Touch! An ultra-low profile connector matched to a magnetic cable makes connecting and disconnecting a snap! For a limited time, mention this post and get $5 off! Only at Graphite Apple Specialist! from Graphite –…