Apple Repair Service


You have just found the best place in Madison for Mac® repair.

As an Apple® Authorized Service Provider, Graphite offers both in-warranty and out of warranty repairs for your Apple® computers and mobile devices.  Graphite uses genuine Apple parts direct from Apple to ensure your computer is running at the best of it’s ability.


No Appointments | Certified | Quick | Convenient

There are no appointments necessary so during business hours feel free to head our way.  On-site service brings a highly experienced systems & network engineer to your location to perform server work, network upgrades, on-site troubleshooting, repair services, and other solutions-based consulting.

Call Graphite now and let us help you get back to work!



Service pricing

Our diagnostic fee is $99. This allows our technicians time to determine the issue, and troubleshoot repair options. We will put the diagnostic fee towards the cost of the labor of the repair, or put it toward a new machine.

Labor is priced at $99/hr.  Repairs are done in the order they are received, however, a rush order can be placed on your repair for an additional fee.

For a full list of pricing see our Service Price List


Zoom-iconOur Apple®      Certified Technicians will diagnose your problem and determine the best course of action for you to take to optimize your Mac®.  Diagnostic fees are put towards repair or replacement cost.


Wrench-iconGraphite offers full in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for your Apple computer. Our Apple® Certified Techs will fix it right and the work will be backed by Apple® or Graphiteʼs 90 day warranty.

Data Recovery

Life-Saver-iconLosing important files or pictures can be devastating. We can recover lost data in most cases. There is always a possibility your data is not recoverable, in which case, we will give you an estimate for hardware recovery.

Data Transfer

move-file-iconTransferring your data properly to your new computer or new hard drive can be a daunting task. Our technicians will ensure it is transferred properly while reducing the risk of losing valuable data.