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To help you get to the right people at the right time, please fill out this simple form. Answer all the questions to the best of your abilty, and Graphite will get you on the schedule or reach out to contact you within one business day.

Mobile device users that have issues reading the full form should turn their device to landscape mode. 

“I need Sales”

Macintosh Desktop and Laptop computers
iPad and Apple Watch
Apple Accessories
Sonos Audio Products
WiFi and networking products (eero WiFi)
Third party accessories such as adaptors and hard drives

“I need Service.”

Note that reservations with our service team can be fully booked for a week. We also have forms for you to drop off your device and we will service it on a first available basis. You can also select the the Emergency Fee of $199 and our techs will respond within 4 business hours to diagnose your issue
Service includes:
•Physically damaged device
•Device will not power on
•Keyboard or Keypad issues
•Internal Hard Drive is failing
•Battery issues

“I need Support”

**Note that most support options may require a fee, or a subscription to our G-Shield support plan.

Malware or pop up issues
Software issues
OS upgrades
I am having trouble using my device
I want to learn more about the G-Shield support plan

Please click here to create a reservation 


Fill out a drop off form. 

(Please note that drop off Repairs may take up to three to four business weeks)


If this is an emergency situation, we can assess your machine on a front-of-line basis for a one-time fee of $199. Check the box below and click “Submit” to learn more.

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