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Graphite Drop-Off Service Request

Please note that devices dropped off via this method will incur longer wait times than devices ingested through appointments. Our service technicians will work dutifully to diagnose issues with dropped off devices and contact you as quickly as they can, but devices previously checked in and devices checked in by appointment will take precedence. 

Submit a Drop-off Service Request
"Find My" must be disabled before Apple will issue service providers replacement parts or devices.
Any diagnostic or troubleshooting that may be performed on a device that is malfunctioning has the potential to cause unwanted data loss. Data is the responsibility of the end user, and Graphite cannot be responsible for data loss during service.
Drop off's are limited from 9AM- 4PM Monday through Friday. We are not currently accepting after-hours or weekend drop offs.
Please choose a time window for drop off; this is to allow our staff to expect a device at an approximate time.