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Your Digital Life, Simplified


Everyone has technology. You use it every day to stay in touch with friends and family, organize your work and home life, and pursue your hobbies. Your computer and mobile devices are integral to your life in the 21st-century world, and when they don’t work, you lose out on a valuable, finite resource: your time. 

Graphite has been helping people get their digital lives back on track since 1996 and has worked constantly to keep our vision and our staff on the cutting edge. With our enterprise clients, time is money, so efficiency and uptime are crucial in keeping the doors open and revenue coming in. In service of this ideal, IT administrators and software developers have built systems to keep computers up to date, secure, and running smoothly, knowing that proactively preventing problems is far faster than fixing issues that pop up when maintenance or security is lax. Graphite has been implementing systems like these for our business clients for quite some time and has recently applied those same ideals and practices to home computer users as well through our revolutionary home-computer management subscription, G-Shield. 

G-Shield is a three-fold approach to keeping your digital life as problem-free as possible:


Keeping software up to date is one of the best ways to ensure that your computer is working as securely and safely as possible. But which updates do you install? And when? The last thing you want to do when sitting down to organize vacation photos or catch up with old friends is wait minutes (or hours!) for updates to finish. G-Shield handles updates quickly and efficiently during off-hours so when you’re ready to use your Mac, it’s ready for you, too. 


As computers have grown more sophisticated, so have the forces that use them for wrongdoing. Any computer with a connection to the internet is under constant threat from both autonomous software (like viruses and malware) and malicious actors including hackers looking to steal data and scammers looking for credit card numbers. G-Shield helps combat these actors with enterprise-level protection from Malwarebytes Breach Remediation, included with every subscription. 

To fix problems on BOTH ends of the keyboard, G-Shield also includes complimentary remote support from Graphite agents. Calls and emails to support agents are responded to same-day and can assist with most technical problems and user issues as a part of your subscription. If something doesn’t seem to work, or your Mac is misbehaving, a trained, experienced support agent is available at no additional charge.


G-Shield is a subscription-based service, for one, two, or up to five Macs in a single household. In addition, each G-Shield subscriber gets complimentary support on up to two iPhones or iPads for each covered computer. Users pay annually with automatic renewal, and can cancel at any time.