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Whether you’re a tech neophyte and need some help with viruses or malware on your iMac, or a business owner looking for help managing dozens of MacBook Pros, Graphite’s got your back. Our support solutions scale with your needs to help keep you working (or playing) well within your budget.


Consumer Support Subscriptions

Everyone needs a little help sometime, whether that’s an extra set of eyes to be watchful of malware and backups, or regular brush-up support calls to help keep you and your Mac running strong, Graphite has a G-Scout plan for you. From basic monitoring to pre-paid support and training, G-Scout keeps your Mac safe and happy.


Business Support Subscriptions

Let’s face it; bad things happen. Stuff breaks. No matter how well you take care of your technology, how dutifully we back up, update, and maintain, things fail. This is where G-Pro comes in. G-Pro is a monthly subscription with no contract agreement necessary. Pay a flat rate per machine, and get only what you need, not more than you bargained for.

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