Does your company need Mac® support?

Graphite provides custom-tailored support arrangements based on the specific needs of each client. Customers have the ability to guarantee priority response through a monthly retainer.

Graphite can supplement your in-house IT or they can be your complete IT solution.  We have experience working as an entire IT department, initial setups of new equipment, assisting with outside equipment integration, network design, as well as much much more.

Common services we provide to our support clients:

  • Priority Response Time
  • Mac OS Updates, Maintenance, and Training
  • Font Management and Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Diagnostics and Hard Drive Optimization
  • Virus Scanning and Prevention
  • Backup Management and Data Loss Prevention
  • Hardware/Software Recommendations and Procurement
  • Software Licensing & Organization
  • Specialty Design and Production
  • Overflow Production
  • Application Training
  • Facilitation of Warranty service through AppleCare
  • Network setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting (DSL & Cable routers, non-managed switches & hubs, single wireless routers/access points)

For remote assistance, please download TeamViewer by clicking HERE


Occupations-Technical-Support-Representative-Male-Light-iconGraphite provides hands-on training to develop your existing skills and learn new skills.

Technology Assessment

hightechmanage-300x214Graphite provides technology assessments that will give you an idea of where you currently sit with your technology systems and what opportunities you may be missing.

Workstation Consulting

Devices-computer-laptop-iconGraphite provides workstation consulting that covers everything for your workstation including deployment, installs, maintenance, and basic networking.

Server Consulting

Places-network-server-database-iconGraphite provides server consulting that covers everything to do with your servers including deployment, configuration, maintenance.