Outlook “letterbomb” exploit could auto-open attacks in e-mail

Security Alert: Office 2016 for Mac users should apply the latest updates! A vulnerability exists that might allow message previews to run malicious code on your machine. It’s a complicated hack, so the in-the-wild risk for most users remains low, but Microsoft has already launched a patch to resolve the issue. If you’re in an…

Apple’s First Battery Case Gives iPhones a Boost–And a Hump

iPhone 6 and 6s battery life got you down? Apple announces the iPhone Smart Battery Case. The guys at wired have a quick write-up about the first-party accessory, and we hope to have them in store soon! Call or message for availability. from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison via IFTTT

The future is the Internet of Things—deal with it

A WiFi Refrigerator? A Bluetooth Toaster? Near Field Communication on your flatware? The “Internet of Things” is already here, and presents unique security and privacy challenges. from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison via IFTTT


Black Friday Mac Deals, only at Graphite! NEW 13″ MacBook air only $949! Call or Stop by for details! from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison via IFTTT

Teens can’t tell the difference between Google ads and search results

Turns out the Tech-Native generation may not be much better at the internet than their parents; UK watchdog Ofcom reports that two-thirds of kids under 15 can’t tell the difference between Google ads and search results. Pat yourself on the back, tech-savvy parents! from Graphite – Apple Specialist of Madison via IFTTT

Protect yourself online!

Protect yourself online! Phishing, a website or email posing as a legitimate, trusted organization, represents the biggest online threat to individual users and small businesses acheter viagra pfizer france. Forget Russian hackers, you may be your own worst enemy!

Apple Maps Getting Bad Wrap?

“Why Apples Maps application shouldn’t receive the negative press it has been getting.” Post by Jordan Wheelock Since the initial release of the iPhone, Google and their division called Google Maps has stood valiantly at their rivals side. Providing support for all the iPhone users and Android users, Google Maps really did have the entire…

Otter Box Reflex Series

Graphite Apple Specialist in Madison, WI carries a wide variety of iPad accessories.  We really like this case and thought we would share it with you.  The Otter Box Reflex Series is a protective case for the iPad 2 & 3.  This is a versatile and durable iPad case that offers great protection and multiple…

Support Pro Job Opportunity

Primary Job Responsibilities: Field incoming support calls from business clients. Initiate, document, and update our Service Repair Order (SRO) system. Troubleshoot and repair Macintosh networks and workstations. Provide onsite and remote management support. Required Skills: Solid Mac OS X and networking experience Responsive, attentive to detail, and solid communication skills Desire to work within a…

What is the best headphone for the money?

by: Alex Mahnke – Apple Sales Professional Are you in search for some great headphones? Check out Skullcandy and their new lineup with Supreme Sound.  Supreme Sound is Skullcandy’s new technology engineered into all of their new models.  With Supreme Sound Skullcandy offers a product that goes against what most other headphones have become focused…