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Welcome to G-Shield


To get started, click here to download the configuration profile you’ll need to set up your computer. Your browser may warn you that “This type of file can harm your computer. Would you like to continue downloading download.mobileconfig?” Answer “yes” or “Keep”, depending on your browser. It’s a small file, so it should download right away. In your Downloads folder, double-click download.mobileconfig. You’ll have to put in your password. If you’re asked to Approve any permissions or access, please do.

Next, click here to get your included BackBlaze Account. On the Resulting screen, check both boxes, and input the email you prefer to use for contacting Graphite.

When you Click “Next” you’ll be prompted to create a password. You can use any password you like. On the next screen, there will be a Download BackBlaze button.

Double-Click the downloaded DMG File, and then double-click the backblaze installer that appears. You’ll have to put in your password again. If the installer asks for permissions, be sure to grant them.

And then you’re all set! Call 608-838-6650 or email support@graphiteas.com with any questions or concerns.