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G-Shield is Graphite’s Three-Point-Approach to helping you have the best experience with your Mac.

Graphite has used our experiences working with a wide array of business customers in a number of environments to build a secure, stable system for managing consumers’ home computers. We use best-in-class tools to monitor, update, and secure your home mac computer without any of the restrictions businesses frequently place on company-owned computers. G-Shield offers the best of both worlds; top-tier, touch-free security, updates and backup; and the freedom to use your Mac however you want. 


  • Installs all macOS updates as they’re available and approved by our support team, keeping your mac up to date.
  • Runs daily, monthly, and weekly maintenance tasks to keep your Mac fast and stable.
  • Monitors CPU and RAM usage, as well as HD and SSD Smart status to provide advanced warning to Graphite Support of impending failures.
  • Provides a curated app store of Graphite recommended tools and programs 


  • Malware Bytes Breach Remediation automatically removes detected malware and potentially unwanted programs in the background, without ever interfering with your Mac user experience.
  • Stolen and lost device tracking* and the ability to remotely wipe sensitive data in the event that a machine is unrecoverable.
  • Security updates for macOS and G-Shield-deployed apps are installed as soon as they are released.

Peace of Mind

  • Graphite in-store and remote support provided at no additional cost.***
  • Graphite Apple Service labor and repair covered at no additional cost***

*Location Services must be enabled.

**High-speed internet connection required

***On-site support, training sessions, and complex issues may incur additional fees. G-Shield does not entitle the subscriber to service parts or additional software fees, and will not provide payment or reimbursement for services recieved from Apple or other Apple Authorized Service Providers.