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A Complete Home Support Solution 

G-Scout PLUS is a monthly subscription to help home, home office, and student users stay safe protected in today’s digital jungle. Graphite installs the G-Scout PLUS management client, which automatically updates software and security patches, and provides a number of additional services and perks. Please click through the items below and review the information before proceeding.

G-Scout Monitoring Client

The G-Scout Monitoring client watches your computer for viruses, malware, hardware failure, and backup integrity. This cleint works very closely with the G-Scout PLUS management client to provide information to Graphite Support agents, helping them solve problems before you know you have them. 

Automatic Resolution of many emerging issues

In many cases, (including infection by viruses or malware) the G-Scout PLUS management client automatically removes offending software and resumes failed backups without any intervention. Problems are solved without you even lifting a finger. 

Online Backup

All of your files and external drives are automatically backed up to Backblaze as a part of your subscription. Having files securely stored on Backblaze’s cloud means that your data is protected from accidental deletion, hardware failure, or even theft and loss. Please note that the online storage of these backup files is retained for as long as you maintain your membership; when you cancel G-Scout PLUS, information stored on backblaze’s servers for your computer and drives is removed. 

Remote Support of Tier 1 issues

Just what it says on the tin. If you’re having a basic problem with your Mac, mail not sending, browsers crashing or just unexpected results, G-Scout PLUS includes remote support with a Graphite Support Agent to resolve these Tier 1 issues. Essentially, if any of our Agents can resolve your problem in under an hour, it’s Tier 1, and included in your subscription.

Examples of Tier 1 issues include resolving browser and mail issues, assistance resetting passwords, and basic troubleshooting of accessories connected to your Mac.

Tiers 2 and above include complex issues requiring additional research and long split-half searches for the root problem, and issues with third-party devices and services that require the intervention of that party’s support team as well. This service is provided at $125 an hour, and is always quoted ahead of time. You’re not going to be put in a position where the service won’t be covered without us letting you know first.

Quarterly Mac Tuneups

Your Mac is important to you. G-Scout PLUS wants you to take care of it. That’s why we include four annual Tuneups at either one of our retail locations. 

The Tuneup service includes verifying directory structure and scanning drives and data storage for errors, Apple hardware testing, and a physical cleaning of the dust and dirt that accumulates during normal use. 

Tuneups are normally $49 each, so be sure to take advantage of them. 

In-Store repair labor coverage

You hate to see it happen, but Macs sometimes fail. If your machine is still under AppleCare, our Service Technicians can repair it free of charge. However, when that third year of AppleCare runs out, G-Scout PLUS still has your back; while we can’t give the parts away, any labor required by our service department is fully covered for G-Scout PLUS subscribers.

Additional Terms and Conditions

G-Scout PLUS monitors critical software components of your Mac and will alert Graphite when conditions on the computer trigger an alert. If Graphite then determines the condition negatively impacts the use and safety of your computer, we will attempt to remediate the issue. If we are unable to do so without your intervention, we will contact you by email to set up a time to take additional steps toward a resolution.

G-Scout PLUS provides access to the Addigy RMM Client (G-Scout PLUS Management Client), Backblaze online backup service, and a suite of software available for each individual’s needs.

Removal of the G-Scout PLUS software will negate G-Scout PLUS monitoring and remediation unless the software is reinstalled. Removal of the software DOES NOT terminate the agreement with Graphite without prior agreement. Contact Graphite Support directly should you choose to end your subscription.

Absolutely no user information (email, web history, personal data) is monitored or tracked. G-Scout data is sent to a secure server, and this information is for Graphite’s sole use; it is never sold or referenced to third parties.

A customer credit or debit card must remain on file with Graphite and the subscription is renewed monthly on the anniversary of the original purchase date unless the user expressly opts out of the program.

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