Jayne Perrin – Planet Propaganda

“Planet has worked with Graphite for the past several years designing, installing and administering our company network. Graphite’s team has spent time learning our complex infrastructure and has become a valuable resource to us in everything from server installations to advice on software applications. Their system knowledge, attention to detail and responsiveness has made them a valuable business partner to us. And, they’ve been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of utilizing technology to boost efficiency. In addition, their expertise has allowed us to minimize the distractions of network troubleshooting and rather focus our efforts on our core business.”

Stephanie Spilde – WPHCA

“Has anyone told you how awesome you are today! Awesome. Thanks for making Ms. Macman free of ghosts. We’re all cherries here now; this is the happiest she’s been all year.”

Anonymous Customer

“HUUUUUUUU RAY!!! You guys rock!!!!! I am now officially breathing easier. Thank you very much. I starting digging around for old files but I think the last time I backed anything up was 2007. Yikes! I will use my Rocstor for backup from now on! Perhaps I have too much faith in you and your crew there. You are good and there is a reason you are in the business of Apple computers. Nice work. Many thanks.”

Lynn Davis – Swiss Colony

“You all have done amazing things for this whole project. I know you have all put in many hours on it. I can’t tell you enough how much appreciate what you all do for us. You are all wonderful….”

Vicki Wildes

“Wow, you are amazing! Thank you for putting so much thought into this! All your opinions are greatly appreciated! I forwarded your email to Carla, Director of Marketing, and she emailed back “OMG! He is wonderful!”
Looking forward to working with you on my mac. Have a great day – stay inside!”

Daniel Lehnherr

“Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for the quick work on my personal iMac yesterday!! Getting it in and out, fixed painlessly, and out the door within 20 minutes was way above and beyond what I expected. Thanks especially to “the new guy,” for dropping what he was doing to help me out.”

When you see your computer go down and you know you don’t have it backed up, your heart kind of drops wondering when – and if – you’ll be able to get your data back. As dumb as I was for not having my data backed up, I was lucky yesterday that the problem was fixable, but also lucky to have a team of computer specialists as kind, prompt and as professional as all of you are.

Anyways, I know the good work you guys do goes unthanked much too often, and I wanted to know you made me a very relieved and very very happy person yesterday!!”

Tom Dorscheid

“First of all, I want to thank you and your staff for helping me out recently as I was trying to get my home email up and running again. I had called Charter 3 separate times, and they were no help at all. I believe that it was Darrell that gave me the tip to turn off the Authentication feature, and that did the trick, so thank you once again.”

Angie Balmer – Sprint Print

“Thank you sooooo much! This has been the smoothest transition into a new computer for me EVER! This thing is so slick, I may never leave home again!”

Shannon Clayton

“I really love my new computer. Thank you so much for doing this for me. It means more then the world to me right now, becuse CA is just around the corner, and that means i start college very soon. I would have been lost if it weren’t for you helping me out with all of this. You really know how to help people and give them great pointers. Thanks again. This is really great, so thank you bob very much.”

Amy – Cain & Company

“I want to thank you for all you have to help us with this upgrade! You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping us to keep up with technology. I haven’t heard too much grumbling so everyone must be fairing pretty well down there, even Brian. Thanks again.”

Barbe – Barbe Style Photography

“Thank you so much! More than words I can think of. I appreciate (truly appreciate) everything you did for me. “

Julie – Wilhm Design

“THANKS for all your help. Your expertise has made this painless! My last computer tech. was not nearly as knowledgeable.”

Sheryl Tharman – Red Crown Lodge

“Received and set up. It’s quite the slick little machine. Thanks for your awesome customer service and getting that to me so quickly. You guys rock!”

Anne Butt – Rowland Reading Foundation

“I just want to thank you for all of your help. You and Doug are so responsive, we really appreciate it. I was wondering if I could “buy”an hour of your time to get a beginner lesson on the Mac world. Since I handle our computer needs around here it would be nice to have some idea of how a Mac works.”

Joyce Barlow – JLB Ventures

“…Graphite… wonderful people, working hard to be sure this will work for me. They are a compliment to your distributorship.”