Graphite – Apple Specialist

Graphite is Madison’s locally owned Apple Store® alternative.  Since 1996, Graphite has been an authorized Apple® provider for sales, service, and support.  As an independent Apple® dealer Graphite is dedicated to providing the best Mac ownership experience possible. We focus on meeting the special needs of individuals and small to medium sized organizations.


Why Graphite?

We’re Personal:  Graphite provides personal attention in a quiet environment. We listen to your questions and we have answers. Not only is the Apple Store and the other big box retailers like a zoo with big crowds and noise. You will likely wait for attention and need to make an appointment to get answers.

We’re Locally Owned:  Because we aren’t part of a giant corporation, we have better flexibility to meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, when you spend your money at a locally owned business, every dollar you spend stays in the local economy seven times longer than when you buy from a national chain.

We Do More:  We like to say, “We do everything the Apple Store does and more.” Graphite offers onsite support for home users and businesses.




Graphite has been providing service and support to customers in the greater Madison area for almost two decades. This has provided us with the skills and experience needed to open a retail store. We have designed our retail space to be comfortable and engaging. When you enter the retail space you won’t find dozens of people; you will find a beatiful showroom with knowledgeable staff. There is no need to make appointments either. Just walk right in and you will recieve the help you need.

Graphite now has two Madison locations to better server the public.


West Side Location

2848 University Avenue · Madison, WI · 53705


Monday – Friday 10AM-7PM

Saturday 10AM-5PM

East Side Location

4805 Voges Road · Madison, WI · 53718


Open Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM