How valuable is the information on your computer or network?

In the event of a hardware failure, how quickly do you need to restore that data?

Can your business afford even a second of interruption from a hardware failure?

Graphite has a great deal of experience helping small businesses with their storage and backup solutions. Whether you need the ability to restore from a backup right away or you need to ensures that your system will never go down, Graphite can recommend the most secure and economical way for you to keep your data safe and available. Contact Graphite today for a free consultation on your storage and backup solutions!

Let Graphite help you keep your information safe and always accessible!  It’s not a matter of if but when you will be glad you did.

Portable Backup


When you have a portable computer it’s nice to have a backup solution that travels with you. Graphite has chosen the most compact, durable, and dependable backup drives available to recommend to you.  Click here to check out our preferred selection of portable back up devices!

Desktop Backup

lacie desktop

Backing up your desktop with a Mac couldn’t be easier.  With Time Machine backup every change you make is recordedand archived and can be restored at anytime.  Graphite has chosen the most dependable and aesthetically pleasing backup drives available to recommend to you.  Click here to check out our preferred selection of desktop back up drives!

Pro Level Backup


Pro level goes beyond backup and can offer information redundancy, improved speed, and timely recovery.  RAID’s can be set up in several different configurations depending on the customers needs.  Call Graphite for a thorough consultation on which RAID configuration is best for your companies environment.

Off-site Backup


Off-site is a simple, powerful data protection solution for any small or medium-sized business. Reliable, consistent and secure, it backs up your company files invisibly and automatically.  Let Graphite help you set up a monitored internet backup solution for your data