Welcome to Graphite.com/reddit!!!  At Graphite we like to put Easter eggs in work to surprise and amaze our loyal customers.  In this case you found our Reddit Easter Egg.  You may be asking yourself, “What good is an easter egg? Its not even Easter!”  Well, you are correct, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a treat.  Mention this page and receive 5% off you next purchase of non-Apple products.  If you happen to be an employee of this company and you are reading this, then you don’t get a discount off non-Apple products, you get a hug from our service manager, Phil.  A word of caution when approaching Phil for a hug; he doesn’t like hugs so don’t ask permission, just run up and hug him.  He may struggle, but don’t let that stop you – he is enjoying it just as much as you are.

Thanks again, and here are some fun things to stare at instead of doing work.