Welcome to Graphite’s Partner Employee Purchase Program

This secure website provides our business partners the opportunity to provide an Apple purchase program for their employees.

This special program offers Apple Computers and iPad bundles, complete with AppleCare and Graphite’s renowned G-Care service providing employees a complete solution at a special price they can’t get anywhere else.

For employee’s…..login below with your company’s provided credentials. If you do not know the login, please contact your HR department or contact Graphite’s staff to provide you with that login

Call us at (608) 838-6650 if you need assistance.

Once logged in to the secure shopping site, you will be able to browse all the Apple products available for purchase. We have assembled a compilation of our favorite bundles, but if you prefer a custom configuration, just contact our sales team, and we’ll assist you with your order.


To get started, simply click the Employee Purchase Login below.


If you work for a company that does not have an Apple purchase program, let your manager know it’s available at Graphite Apple Specialist!.  Contact Graphite today to see how easy it is to sign up your business with this benefit program.