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You don’t have to put up with annoying alerts on your iPhone!

Make It Stop! How You Can Control Notifications on Your iPhone by Jason Whittaker | May 1, 2017 Is every app on your iPhone or iPad constantly nagging you with notifications? It’s like a three-year-old saying “Look at me!” every few minutes, but on the plus side, a little work in the Settings app can…

Can’t Find an App on Your iPhone?

It’s easy to find the apps you use regularly on your iPhone or iPad, but there’s little more frustrating than needing an app you seldom launch and not being able to find it. You could scroll through all the home screens on your device and hope you recognize the icon, but here’s a faster approach….

3 Shortcuts for Teleporting Web Links between Your Apple Devices

3 Shortcuts for Teleporting Web Links between Your Apple Devices by Jason Whittaker | Apr 6, 2017 The iPhone is great for quickly viewing a Web page on the go, but what if you later want to work with it on a bigger screen? Or, what if you come across an interesting article on your Mac…

How to Clear Space on a Nearly Full iPhone or iPad

  Jason Whittaker | Feb 27, 2017 Running out of space on an iPhone or iPad is frustrating. You can’t take new photos, some things don’t work, and iOS nags you about “managing” your storage. Thanks, Apple—we know our devices are nearly full, but clearing space isn’t necessarily easy!       What can you…