Apple Maps Getting Bad Wrap?

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“Why Apples Maps application shouldn’t receive the negative press it has been getting.”

Post by Jordan Wheelock

Since the initial release of the iPhone, Google and their division called Google Maps has stood valiantly at their rivals side. Providing support for all the iPhone users and Android users, Google Maps really did have the entire smart phone market. So for five years, nobody questioned Google Maps, rather they accepted it for what it was and lived their life. Over those five years, we have seen tremendous advancements in the world of technology everywhere. Holding an original iPhone next to the iPhone 5 is like looking at an ancient relic from the past. We can now stream media wirelessly through cloud services. Not to mention that we have a computer that is lighter than ever, more powerful than ever, and has more pixels in 15 inches than HD televisions do in 55 inches.

With the new iPhone came the 4-inch screen and the new maps software preinstalled. Just by tilting the new iPhone, users can get a widescreen view of their maps, providing easier navigation and more detailed maps. This combination provides us with arguably the most portable and sophisticated turn-by-turn GPS navigation system the world has seen. This is called “future-proofing”, meaning that Apple has created a product that is so useful that it will withstand the test of time and be useful for many more years to come.

The hardware wasn’t the only thing that saw a drastic change. In the new maps application comes the stunning new 3D maps. This means that the user can direct the interface around a city and view everything in three dimensions as opposed to the standard birds eye view that every map has been using since their inception BCE (before common era). This advancement in technology coupled with turn-by-turn directions provides the user with no excuse to ever get lost again!

Yes, mankind’s technology is sure something. So then why, in the midst of all this new technology, are we still using the same exact maps we were five years ago? Google Maps has hardly changed over those years and there is no sign of them doing so in the near future. So Apple did what Apple does best. They changed something up, put their foot forward and most importantly, they thought different. It is with this in mind that we can learn to appreciate Apple’s risks, because they aren’t doing it for fame or fortune. They are doing it for innovation, and because they are Apple.