What is the best headphone for the money?

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by: Alex Mahnke – Apple Sales Professional

Are you in search for some great headphones?

Check out Skullcandy and their new lineup with Supreme Sound.  Supreme Sound is Skullcandy’s new technology engineered into all of their new models.  With Supreme Sound Skullcandy offers a product that goes against what most other headphones have become focused on, which is bass heavy tuning.  Skullcandy has their headphones balanced and tuned in a way that offers listeners crisper highs, clean mids, and attacking bass.  This means that while other headphones may have thick bass, they are sacrificing mids, highs, or even both which will result in a muffled or distorted sound.  With Supreme Sound, you get to hear your music as the artist intended without sacrificing anything.

There are many reasons I personally recommend Skullcandy.  They don’t just focus on producing the most bass possible, they try and make music sound the best that it can in a very well priced set of headphones.  Another reason that I recommend Skullcandy is their broad appeal and selection.  With all of the different colors and different designs, you can get almost any style of headphones you are looking for with Supreme Sound you know will sound the best.