How good do Audio Engine speakers sound?

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by:  Russell Chernak – Apple Sales Professional

Audio Engine is a US based audio company with a reputation for designing and manufacturing high end audio products.  Their target audience is audiophiles, but everyone can appreciate the quality of the sound produced by these speakers.

The product line includes speakers, wireless systems, and digital audio converters.  The speakers, all in hand polished wood or bamboo cases, produce amazing sound, as well as look spectacular.  They have kevlar woofers, and silk tweeters that will give you amazing highs, and deep lows.

At Graphite we know that seeing and hearing is believing, so we have all of the Audio Engine models on display for you to hear for yourself.  Stop on by for a demo with our music, or bring your own, so you can experience just how rich of a sound you will receive from these wonderful and compact speakers.