Your Business on Macintosh

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Posted by Paul Stokes

For years the Windows PC has dominated the business world, but that is all beginning to change.  Did you know that Apple has surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization?  Apple is charging ahead and turning its attention to enterprise sales.  Here are some reasons why Macintosh computers are ideal for business and may be perfect for yours.

Easy to Add
If you currently have PC’s, the Mac will seamlessly integrate into an existing PC network.  The Mac OS X operating system can easily connect to almost any server.  The Mac will share files with virtually any computer, and can share printers and other services over any network.

Keep What’s Comfy
Are you used to programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.  Not to worry, Apple not only has these programs available in a suite called Microsoft Office for Mac, they have their own suite of office productivity software called iWork.  iWork has programs for you to produce incredible documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Automatic Back Up
Macs come with a program called Time Machine, which once enabled, automatically backs up your entire system.  Time Machine keeps an up-to-date copy of system files, documents, email, music, pictures, and all other important files.  Using an external hard drive (sold separately), Time Machine will make sure you can easily go back in time to recover your entire system in the event of a hard drive failure.

Macintosh computers don’t get Windows viruses.  No more anti-virus subscriptions, no more spy ware, no more slowdowns, and no more headaches.  The Mac comes with a multilayered system of defense.  The built-in security features include application-based firewall, a VPN client, strong encryption tools, and integrated Internet security.

Macintosh has many options when it comes to business productivity software.   The standard Apple programs begin with “i” (iLife, iWork, iChat, etc.), but there is so much more.  The Adobe Creative Suite includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat.  Did you know that Mac also has powerful accounting, billing, CRM, project management, POS software and more?

Windows on a Mac
You can also run Windows files and applications on a Mac.  You can even run the entire Windows 7 operating system on a Mac, in most cases more reliably than it runs on a Windows PC.  This is made possible through third-party applications like Parallels Desktop for Mac.  A side-by-side set up of the Windows and Mac operating system even allows you to cut and paste between them.  It’s unbelievable!

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