Why Outsource Your Macintosh Support?

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Posted by Paul Stokes

IT departments are challenged to affect many aspects of a business.  Their hope through successful IT management is to improve productivity, reduce downtime, improve morale, all in hope of increasing sales.

During tough times, when budgets are cut and spending is done with caution, the IT department can be a target of those cuts.  Management must have evidence that the investment in IT is helping the bottom line.  Outsourcing your IT department might just be the answer to saving money, time, and effort for your company.  Here are a few advantages of letting someone else worry about your IT.

Training and certification

Keeping a staff of IT professionals trained and certified can be very expensive.  It is an expense that can’t be avoided because of the importance that the IT staff be qualified to operate the company’s IT systems and equipment.  Some re-certifications are required regularly and can have substantial continual costs associated with it.

Unnecessary capital equipment and licenses

Many companies accumulate equipment and software licenses that are underutilized and many times unused.  Removing unused equipment and doing away with unnecessary licenses can cut an annual operating budget significantly.  Keeping an IT department supplied with proper equipment and licensed comes with a cost.


IT outsourcing can help reduce a businesses IT expenditures, but it is important to understand the cost incurred in the transition process.  There will be a transition period where costs can increase in the short term, but over the long run big savings are incurred in most cases.

Consider all of your costs including training, certifications, equipment, and licensing.  When all of the costs are added up, it might surprise you what kind of support retainer you can secure for less than half the cost of an IT department.